Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spirited Away Trailer

How did Chihiro change on her "Hero's Journey"?

What was your favorite scene in the movie?


  1. 1.Chihiro change on her hero's journey by stoping
    being self center,stop being rude,stop being sassy. favorite scene in the movie is when Chihiro
    is washing the stink spirit and when Lin is helping Chihiro clean the stink spirit.

  2. At the benging of sprited away chihiro was not brave she complain a lot.BUT t through out the movie chihiro change through time she became brave and she had manner she meet new people. she did not cry only if she was in danger or her friend were hurt. she had trouble in the movie.NO FACE tried to give chihiro all the bath token but she said i only need one in that case sh is not greedy any more

  3. Chihiro changed on her journey by learning more about her self and who she really is.My favorite scene in the movie is when No Face gives out gold.

  4. my favored part was when she almost fall on the stairs

  5. Chihiro changed her hero's journey because she noticed that she is afraid of every thing.My favorite part of the movie is when Chihiro trips on the stairs.